The cottage Sonja is situated in the scenic village, surrounded with the Choč Mountains, direct under the peak Choč (1620 m), in the spa village  
Lúčky. The village Lúčky occupies strategic and initial location for tourism, relax, entertainment and recreation and is the birthplace of Tadeáš Salva,  
the musical composer. The village is not known only for these matters but mainly for its spa with thermal and healing springs that are well known  
beyond the Slovakian border. The village lies on the border of Liptov and Orava region.
Thermal pool Gino Paradise Bešeňová throughout the year. Thermal park is built on hot springs of thermal waters, which come from the depth of 1987 m with a temperature of 60.5 ° C.
The popular swimming pool is Tatralandia in Liptovský Mikuláš. Thermal pools, vital world, a large number of tubes and slides will visit each family with children.
Aquapark Tatralandia
Gino Paradise Bešeňová
In the summer months is significant recreational center reservoir Liptovská Mara . There are swimming, surfing, sailing, windsurfing school, boating, water cycling, golf, fishing, sailing a scenic boat.
We recommend to visit :

Orava Castle is one of the most important monuments of castle architecture in Slovakia, the premises are currently Exposure Orava Museum P. O. Hviezdoslava - historical, ethnographic and natural history.

Every visitor should visit the cave in Demänovská Valley - Cave of Liberty and Ice Cave. Demänovská Valley is located near Liptovský Mikuláš.

Not far from Bešeňová (just 1.5 km) is located on the hill in the repository Liptovska Mara archaeological museum Liptovská Mara-Havránok. Here were found the settlement of the younger Iron Age (300-100 BC).
Jasna Low Tatras is classified in the highest category of tourism centers of international importance and the Slovak centers it is first place. The resort is just 25 km from Lucky, located in the beautiful surroundings of the northern and southern slopes of Chopok in the Low Tatras National Park.

Choc Mountains with its dominant feature is the distance the towering Big Choc (1611 m). From the top is excellent Choc panoramic view, takes the output depending on the route approximately 3 hours. Its top is adorned by scrub pine, the Valaská Dubová shape is slightly increasing, while the north and from Lucky is in stark suddenly.

Kvačany with Prosiecka valley consists of a pair of beautiful and highly frequented valleys of the massif Choc Mountains. The slopes of the valley, in addition to cliffs and rock walls covered with forests, which because of their inaccessibility has never been stronger economically exploited.

We recommend to take trips to the Low Tatras, which provide ideal opportunities for summer and winter tourism and sports. Beautiful scenery will provide an exit for one of the highest peaks of the Low Tatras Chopok.
Winter sports

Ski resort Skipark Ružomberok. It is located on the slopes of the Great Fatra Ružomberok at an altitude of 545 to 1209 m. From the city center is about 2 km. The gateway to the resort is Hrabovo, from where a funicular to Malino Brdo.
Chalupa Sonja - Lúčky
Thermal Park Bešeňová
Attic : 4 persons

• separate entrance
• terrace
• 2x double room
• option 2 extra beds in the hall
• kitchenette (complete furnished)
• wood stove
• bathroom and toilet (shower + bath)
• TV + CD player
Additional services :

• Parking in a closed yard
• outdoor seating on the patio + grill
• children's playground (swing, sandpit ...)
• trips on quads
• horse riding

When fully occupied, we offer a 5% discount!
Ground floor : 6 persons

• separate entrance
• four-bedded room
• double room
• kitchen (completely equipped) + stoves
• bathroom with toilet (shower)
• TV
Gallery - Cottage Sonja
Originally a peasant house dates from 1902. The material from which the house is built tufa stone, which in  
this part of Choc mountains it is enough. The house consisted of two rooms, hallways and kitchens. The  
house was part of the economic, outhouse, latrine, midden, kurin. Through the courtyard was a barn where  
the cattle bred for storing and serving food, and machinery for peasant work, which fueled the original  
owners. The house currently consists of two residential areas of the ground floor, which is initially retained  
only the construction of social facilities and newly built loft. I tried to preserve the original character of the  
cottage. I hope guests will enjoy it and gain new strength.
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Chalupa Sonja
Lúčky 149
034 82  Lúčky

Tel : +421/ 903 107 201
        +421/ 917 489 919

E-mail :

GPS : 49.128411,19.403641

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Aqua Vital Park, Spa Lúčky
Lucky Spa are among the oldest spa in Slovakia, is located 14 km from Ružomberok. It is situated between Orava and Liptov with beautiful surroundings Choc Mountains. The spa is located near Lucky Sport Park with tennis courts and bowling.
Aqua Vital Park, Kúpele Lúčky